Exchange for Tenants

Whether renting an apartment, an office or a store front, you have little leverage in negotiations without actual market knowledge. So help yourself, your firm and your business community by anonymously sharing your rental terms. We are currently in Alpha, pre Beta and all submittals will have unlimited access to the site until their lease terminates.Should you wantpersonal assistance in reviewing lease options and strategic negotiating positions to reduce your rent, please call Jim Cushing at 1-925-640-5753 and view our TV commercialto substantiate our results.

To view examples please visit anyone of the cities below.



You anonymously submit your real estate lease terms
and get unlimited access to everyone else’s

1. Sign up and enter
your lease terms

Your name and the name of the
company will not appear.

2. Receive complete access
to everyone’s lease terms

You get free access to the network
until your lease expires.

3. Receive email alerts when new
leases are submitted in your area

No need to struggle with which way
the market is moving.

"LeasingComps is a global game changer thatexpandslocal knowledge
for both Tenants andOwners by providing an exchangenetwork to freely
share lease terms and conditions with one another.."

— Jim Cushing, Founder LeasingComps